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Alex CHACON is a senior Industrial Designer, MSc in International Marketing, and recently completed professional graduate studies in Project Management, Marketing Analytics and Brand Management.

Champion design language and brand attributes into the customer experience development process; interpreting business data, requirements & success criteria, project scope, risks, and performance.

Experience implementing business revenue models in the physical space, new retail formats & 360-campaigns; delivering results on sales performance, operational excellence & customer experience metrics.

With 13 years of brand design experience, working along some of the most valued heritage, premium and prestige brands, he has successfully developed and implemented a wide range of retail design initiatives, with focus on customer experience, brand engagement and operational excellence. Always leading ahead of retail trends, consumer engagement, innovation, processes and technology.

CREATIVE3 | creative strategy : Space Planning, Visual Presentation & Product Design, is a space to showcasing previous and current work. Contact Alex CHACON at here.

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